Don’t Waste Your Vote!

From the Libertarian Party of NC…

2012, more than any other election in Libertarian history, is the one election when you do not want to waste your vote for a Republican or a Democrat. For LPNC to retain ballot access, either Gary Johnson or Barbara Howe needs to garner 2% of the vote. Since being recognized as an official party in NC in 2008, the LPNC has collected over $125,000 for state campaigns from the Public Political Financing Fund (PPFF). PPFF funds come from the $3 checkoff on the NC tax return. If we retain ballot access, I suspect we’ll have $200,000+ in 2016 for NC campaigns.

Further, if Johnson receives 5% of the vote nationwide the LP will qualify for $90,000,000 of federal funding for 2016. That would be a total game changer for us.


Read more via Don’t Waste Your Vote!.


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