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From Huffington Post… Physician, bestselling author and global thought leader Deepak Chopra has joined the Honorary Board of the Drug Policy Alliance, the U.S.-based organization that leads the flourishing movement for drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights. The DPA Honorary Board (see below) includes prominent figures…

Originally posted on Peer 2 Peace:
From United Liberty… A friend shared this interesting post with me the other day. Basically, with Romney losing the election and the Republicans trying to blame everybody but themselves, the question of the party having a “libertarian problem” arises. The author makes a couple of points that are worth considering.…

From the Libertarian Party of NC… 2012, more than any other election in Libertarian history, is the one election when you do not want to waste your vote for a Republican or a Democrat. For LPNC to retain ballot access, either Gary Johnson or Barbara Howe needs to garner 2% of the vote. Since being […]

Your vote is the most important, the most critical, the most precious gift you can give anyone running for elected office. It doesn’t belong to anyone but you, it cannot be taken from you by any politician, and it cannot be wasted unless you choose to do so. Your vote is your voice, your conscience […]

Most people would probably be surprised at the libertarian stand on corporations. In a libertarian society, they wouldn’t exist. Corporations are creatures of the state. They are created by the government and endowed with privileges that individuals do not have. This contradicts a fundamental premise of libertarianism, that all people are created equal and have […]

Howe is a Libertarian, and it would take a miracle to get her to the governor’s office. But that’s no reason why she should be excluded from all the televised gubernatorial debates. Her presence could have added a lot. But debate organizers were following North Carolina’s long tradition of making it nearly impossible for third-party […]

Howe would like to see taxes as close to zero percent as feasible but opposes so-called tax incentives. “Creating jobs is not government’s business,” she said. “Getting out of their way is. Tax incentives are really a slap in the face to small business owners who are the true job creators anyway.” Read more via […]